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Footsteps on the hill

山谷裡的足跡@ zh

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For decades, the Hong Kong football powerhouse South China has groomed one legend after another for the sport; among these is the 65-year-old WONG Man-wai, the once-fabled maestro known as 'Whiz-kid Wai'. In 1959, the then-16-year-old Wong debuted for the First Division team Happy Valley and won acclaims outright. He joined South China in 1967 and kicked off the golden years of his football career, before retiring to the coaching seat in 1979. Since 1984, he has been many times the head coach and an assistant coach for South China, and is currently the club's junior team coach. Battle-tested over the years, WONG has learnt lessons of life from football and he is now teaching these lessons to the next generation. Strolling along Caroline Hill Road, Wong tells us all those changes throughout the years, chronicling the intertwined growth of Hong Kong and its football world with everyone.

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