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塑機大王 : 蔣震
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Originally released as a television broadcast on 04 June 2006. Chiang Chen (Chairman, Chen Hsong Holdings Limited and Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation) tells how he started his company that makes plastic injection moulding machines and the difficulties he encountered at the beginning. Explains why he donated his entire Chen Hsong shareholding to establish a charity foundation and what he expects to achieve with the charity. Chiang talks about his hobbies and his goals yet to achieve. His daughter Chiang Lai-yuen (Chief Executive Officer, Chen Hsong Holdings Limited) talks about the difficulties the company has faced when it first entered China and how the Internet has helped her company's business. 蔣震博士, 香港震雄工業集團有限公司主席. 26歲來港做過不少勞動力工作, 1956年轉做飛機工程, 從此與機械結下不解緣. 當年隨著塑膠業的急速發展, 專注做注塑膠機械的震雄亦都同步起飛, 企業不斷壯大, 到現在已成為全球注塑機銷售量最大生產商之一, 擁有超過3000名員工, 每年營業額平均達19億港元. 究竟蔣博士的成功背後是否有什麼玄機? 對擁有輝煌事業、 偉大善心、 兒孫成群、 生活寫意的蔣博士而言, 又會有什麼未達成的目標或生活上的追求. In Cantonese with Chinese subtitles.

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