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黎草田音樂手稿 Music Manuscripts of LAI Cho-tin

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Mr. Lai Cho-tin (1921-1994) was one of Hong Kong’s most respected composers and music directors. Not only had he composed and arranged a large number of popular songs and chorus, but he had also created many film scores and theme songs to locally produced movies and stage plays. Mr. Lai was also active in the promotion of choral music by creating and arranging music for choirs as well as conducting choirs. He was famous in composing Cantonese dialect songs for the choirs too. HKUL has received the generous donation of 600 pieces of Mr. Lai Cho-tin’s music manuscripts from Ms. May Fu. The manuscripts mainly include Mr. Lai’s composition, chorus, arrangement and accompaniment, where genres comprise film music, foreign songs, Cantonese songs, stage music, etc. With the consent of Ms. Fu, the manuscripts have been digitized and made publicly available online. The aim of this digital collection is to make Mr. Lai’s music scores discoverable and accessible for the benefit of teaching, learning and knowledge sharing. MIDI music files for some pieces are also made available for enhancing knowledge sharing purpose. This project was supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Funding for Impact Project.

黎草田先生(1921-1994),原名黎觀暾,又名黎丹路,是著名香港音樂家。他一生創作及改編了大量流行歌曲、合唱歌曲、電影歌曲與廣州方言歌曲,又為話劇團上演的劇目擔任作曲、 配樂和音樂總監工作。黎草田先生對香港音樂發展的另一貢獻在於合唱領域,他為多個合唱團擔任指揮及客席指揮工作,對致力推動本港合唱藝術事業產生了重要的影響。 香港大學圖書館獲傅月美女士慷慨捐贈黎草田先生的音樂手稿,並得同意將其數碼化,以供教學用途及作知識分享。本數碼館藏載有600份黎草田先生的音樂手稿,當中主要是他作曲、編合唱、編曲及編伴奏的樂譜,而種類有電影樂曲、外國歌曲、廣州話歌曲、舞台劇樂曲等。數碼館藏的另一特色,是部分樂譜圖像附有MIDI音樂格式檔,可將旋律播出,以提升知識共享之目的。 本項目獲得香港大學知識交流基金資助。