Pottinger Street, Central District 中環砵甸乍街

Constrasting styles of clothing can be seen: the traditional white-top and black trousers worn by servants versus the modern cheongsams worn by noble women. The hawker food-stalls on the right have not changed very much. This street was the original home of a Hong Kong landmark, the Yung Kee Restaurant, famous for its roasted goose.圖中可見白衫黑褲的女傭及穿著摩登長衫的時髦婦女。右邊小販大牌檔至今仍保存其風貌。大牌檔背後像黑色煙囪者乃該處一地下公廁的透氣管,在五十年代末期才被清拆。左邊一家簡陋的酒家時至今日已蛻變為一家享譽國際的一流食府。

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