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The Voices of Macao Stones
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The stones, statues and memorials found all over Macao trace the storyfrom the days of the first Portuguese navigators to reach China in thesixteenth century to the events of more recent times. Hidden away in odd corners or standing incongruously surrounded by modern buildings and thronged with traffic, unnoticed by almost all who pass, are the treasure-vaults of Macao's rich and colourful history. In the cool shadows of old churches, set into the walls of long-disusedfortresses, and in tranquil and leafy gardens, lie the silent stone keys that unlock the secrets of Macao and its opulent and varied past.Lindsay and May Ride spent many years researching and documenting the oft-hidden stones of Macao. The result of their work is an opportunityfor the stones of Macao themselves to tell of the rich and varied history of this tiny, unlikely place. Work on this book began in1954, but was diverted for a long period so that restoration and research on the Old Protestant Cemetery could be completed. In an early stage of its development it was finally halted - or so it seemedat the time - by the death of Sir Lindsay Ride in October 1977. Now published in the year the four-century-old Portuguese adventure in Macao is finally to conclude, the stories recounted in The Voices of Macao Stones vividly bring to life the individuals, events and circumstances that have made Macao the unique place it is.

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