Lantau Island 大嶼山

Away from Hong Kong’s crowded streets and commercial areas is another world. Here, just a few minutes walk from Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay) on Lantau Island (Hong Kong’s largest outlying island) is an almost deserted village house. Today it’s used as a barn-cum-store house, but in the old days it was more likely the home of a wealthy villager.遠離香港擁擠的街道和商業區,是另一個世界。從大嶼山(香港最大的離島)梅窩(銀礦灣)只需步行幾分鐘,便可以看到一間幾乎荒廢的村屋。今天,這間村屋被用作糧倉,但在以前,它可能是一個富裕的村民的家。
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