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Resignation amid reform
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For two months, Hong Kong people have mulled over a new constitutional plan for electoral arrangements for the chief executive and the legislature in 2012. But it doesn't satisfy those fighting for more democracy so members of the league of social democrats and the civic party say they'll resign, forcing what they call a defacto referendum in all five geographical constituencies. Not all in the pan democratic camp support the plan. Producer Douglas George reports the growing split among the pan democrats may substantially alter the political landscape in the years to come. There's an old saying in politics, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. You could say we are witnessing the practical application of that saying in the resignation campaign waged by once bitter rivals in the civic party and the league of social democrats. They insist their resignation campaign will bring about a "new democratic movement". Their critics scoff at the plan's recklessness, and say it threatens the [vote] power the pan democrats wield in legco.

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