Acting Governor N.L. Smith at Gymkhana in Causeway Bay 代理港督Smith 先生觀看「占間拿」馬術競賽

1937年10月16日,香港義勇軍機槍部隊於銅鑼灣舉辦周年「占間拿」馬術競賽,代理港督Smith 先生(左四) 和 Atholl MacGregor 爵士(左二) 攝於觀眾席。Acting Governor Norman Lockhart Smith (fourth from left at front) and Sir Atholl MacGregor (second from left) attending the Sixth Annual Gymkhana of the Machine Gun Troop of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps held at the old polo ground at Causeway Bay on 16 October 1937.
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