Fanling Hunt Club

The Fanling Hunt, popularly known as the “Fanling Drag” was started in 1924 by local British businessmen, Pierce Grove and Toby Birkett. The establishment of the Hunt was to promote the sport of horse and pony riding particularly through hunting, racing, steeplechasing, point-to-points, paperchases, and similar recreations and pastimes. The Hunt had its own popular clubhouse in Fanling known as the Hunter’s Arms. Hunt members came from the upper reaches of Hong Kong’s social and regimental life. With the incorporation of a racecourse, the original Fanling Hunt became the Fanling Hunt & Race Club in November 1929. This photo collection includes members and friends of the Hunt engaging in various equestrian activities and events at Kwanti racecourse in Fanling. The Hunt season ran from October to April, when paddy fields lay fallow, and was observed up to the Japanese invasion in 1941.

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1937 Dowbiggin Trophy 1937年Dowbiggin 獎盃

1. 1937 Dowbiggin Trophy 1937年Dowbiggin 獎盃






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