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Interviews with chief executive Leung Chun-ying
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A former ally of Leung Chun-ying, Mr Lew Mon-hung, he made some very serious allegations against CY Leung. How does CY Leung response? Some people would say that he is a divisive leader that he has divided Hong Kong, how would he respond to that? There is trust problem with CY Leung that people don't trust him. Why is that? Does he feel that, does he has a trust problem? People have said he should resign, that he is not telling the truth. Has he entered in his mind that he should resign? How does he respond to the democracy issue such as 2017 chief executive election? In the second part, the host asks is that the housing policy is this growing anger against Hong Kong's property developers? How does CY Leung tell the people today who want immediate relief that people whose rents are going up, people who cannot afford to buy property today. What does CY Leung tell these people? Does he blame his predecessor for all the problems he is now facing? How does CY Leung response about the issues of the people cannot buy the milk powder, too much mainland China tourists travel in Hong Kong, lining up for school places for kids having to compete with mainland parents and their children? Does he run the 2017 chief executive direct election?

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