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Fengshui forecasts ; Taiwan economy
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What's in store for the Year of the Dragon? Raymond Lo, feng shui master, says it will be a rocky first half of the year, but European debt problems will clear up by the second half, and the HK economy will improve. Sammy Au, another feng shui master, says the HSI see a high of 21,000 and a low of 15,000. He expects the US economy will have a rough year ahead but with light at the end of the tunnel by year's end. But the euro debt crisis will drag Europe into the depths of despair. CLSA provides a fengshui index, with predictions for the performance of the Hang Seng Index, what sectors are good for investing, and what a person needs to do to get a promotion. Ma Yingjeou has been re-elected to a new term. That cleared one uncertainty for markets in Taiwan. The stock market on the island fared more or less the same as those on the mainland and in Hong Kong last year, falling about 20%. Will the Taiwanese economy, like Hong Kong's, be stimulated by the ECFA and the relaxation of the mainland's individual traveller's scheme? What are the prospects and expectations for Taiwanese businesses?

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