"Direction" for the disabled ; Silence Association for the hearing impaired ; Hong Kong Women Workers' Association ; Hong Kong toys and International Santas

Whether they are of a particularly religious bent or otherwise, for many Christmas is a time of goodwill, and a time to think a little more about the wishes and needs of others. That's why tonight we're focusing on organisations that help the less fortunate, and we will be interviewing a Santa or two later. Like most celebrations and festivals, this is a time of year when it's good to be with others rather than sitting home alone. But even that is not so easy for some people. One charity organization, Direction, has been giving the disabled the opportunity to go out and socialize like the rest of us, like a trip to the airport and Christmas buffet. For people with disabilities, isolation can worsen many of the problems they face in other areas of their life. Communicating with others plays an important role in overcoming such isolation, but for the deaf it's very often precisely that communication that's the greatest difficulty. 'Silence' was established two years ago to promote mutual respect between the hearing impaired and those with normal hearing. Not all the socially disadvantaged are necessarily grappling with physical disabilities. For some, the difficulties are economic and educational. The prospects for the economy may be looking less bleak than they were a year again. But often the last place the results of an economic upturn are seen is in the labour market. For women without high levels of education the problem is even worse. The Hong Kong Women Workers' Association has been providing funds to help women from low-income families run a mini-store at one tertiary institution. All three of the organizations we've featured so far in tonight's show are the beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus, co-organised by RTHK's Radio 3 and the South China Morning Post. There are also 13 others, all worthy causes, so if you’d like to donate, you can find out how on the RTHK website or through the South China Morning Post. But we're going to end this Christmas Eve show with two of the things that make the season most special for children: toys and Santa.