Dear Me in Ten Years

On her 10th birthday, Anushka Purohit's father took her to a chain coffee shop where she witnessed the fate of leftover food for the first time. The staff threw away all the unsold bread into a black garbage bag. At a young age, she silently kept this in mind and hoped that she could solve Hong Kong's food waste problem when she grew up. Ten years later, as a student at the HKUST, the seeds planted in Anushka paving the way for her entrepreneurial journey. One evening in 2019, while celebrating the end of the semester at a bar with three classmates, they saw leftover food being treated as garbage. Looking at the beer on the table, Anushka had a sudden idea that the ingredients in beer and bread were not much different. Could bread be turned into beer? Without any brewing experience, the four young individuals enrolled in distance learning courses to learn how to brew their own beer. To execute this crazy idea, they combined the words 'bread' and 'beer' and named their venture 'Breer,' forming a team to participate in an entrepreneurship competition. Through winning the competition and securing startup funding, they established an eco-friendly beer company in 2020. Anushka was determined to use discarded bread to brew beer, and her entrepreneurial story gradually gained support from chain food and beverage companies and bars. As graduation approached, she actively sought funding and expanded the business, turning the eco-friendly beer brand into a sustainable enterprise that encourages consumers to reflect on their environmental responsibilities. Today, Anushka can tell her 10-year-old self, 'I did it.' Innovation doesn't always have to result in great scientific achievements, and even whimsical ideas can bring about changes to society as long as they dare to try new things.
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