"Breaking new ground together" : Donald Tsang's 5th policy address

"We are entering a new era, but we need not worry about the new competitive landscape. With an open mind, pioneering spirit, and full preparation, we can break new ground together." So ended Chief Executive Donald Tsang's 5th Policy Address on Wednesday. It was called "Breaking New Ground Together". Some legislators and members of the public though didn't see much groundbreaking going on, whether new or otherwise. This week The Pulse looks at the Address, and at the sometimes turbulent Q&A session the day after. Apart from only scant focus on issues of constitutional reform, one of the criticisms of this week's Policy Address was that it had little concrete to offer Hong Kong's needy. Discussing this with presenter Steve Vines are legislators Lee Cheuk-yan, and Sophie Leung, and social enterprise entrepreneur Kee Chi-hing.