Hong Kong Property Sales Brochures

When purchasing a first-hand property, be it completed or uncompleted, the sales brochure (售樓說明書) provides useful information on location, layout plan, saleable area, etc. The Libraries has been collecting local property sales brochures since 1970s, the collection has now grown to nearly 1500 booklets, while chiefly residential but a few commercial/industrial buildings are also included. The earliest brochures of the collection go back to Empire Theatre Building (璇宮戲院大廈) on King's Road in 1957, The Empire Court (蟾宮大廈) on Hysan Avenue in 1958, and Haven Court (希雲大廈) on Leighton Road in 1959, etc. The bulk of the collection is between 1980s and 1990s. Brochures cover both private properties and different government subsidized home ownership schemes.


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