羅禎符特藏手稿系列彙集羅禎符的著作《癆病述要》的手稿及其與其女羅坤維的一些醫學筆記。本系列也包括一些中國近代史名人如汪兆銘、陳炯明、范潔朋等人為《癆病述要》一書的題字,也有羅禎符父女行醫時的藥品配方及行醫專業規條等。香港大學圖書館將本系列數位化,以方便讀者閱覽,並讓公眾有機會進一步了解20世紀上半葉香港中醫學的發展及中國內地與香港的社會面貌。The Luo Zhenfu Manuscript Series consists of the manuscript of “Lao Bing Shu Yao”, a famous title authored by Luo Zhenfu, and the medical notebooks belonging to him and his daughter Luo Kunwei. The content of the series also includes inscriptions written by celebrities in modern Chinese history, such as Wang Chingwei, Chen Jiongming and Fan Jiepeng, as well as medical prescription notes and professional medical regulations at the time when Luo Zhenfu and Luo Kunwei were in practice. University of Hong Kong Libraries has been digitising this series and making the collection available online, which enables the publics to learn about the Chinese medical development history in Hong Kong and the social landscape of Mainland China and Hong Kong in the early 20th century.

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"Chun Hui Fei Fu" written by Mo He-ming and Feng Yu 莫鶴鳴題、馮玉書「春回肺腑」

1. "Chun Hui Fei Fu" written by Mo He-ming and Feng Yu 莫鶴鳴題、馮玉書「春回肺腑」


Feng Yu (馮玉)



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