Dr Luo Zhenfu Collection (Beta)

清末太醫羅禎符於1930年代移居香港, 其藏品豐富多樣, 包括個人手稿、與名人友好來往的書函、中醫藥方、其在港開設的藥業生生堂廣告設計原稿、稀有古籍及由其治癒病人送贈的書畫等等 。本特藏透過數碼化影像保存羅太醫的醫學成就, 並建立跨學科資料庫重現他豐盛多姿的人生以供各界研究。本項目獲香港大學知識交流2021/2022年度影響力項目資助, 並由中醫藥學院、中文學院、藝術系及大學圖書館組成的跨部門團隊合作研發。Dr Luo Zhenfu Collection reveals the professional achievements and multi-faceted life of an imperial physician in the Qing Dynasty who moved to Hong Kong in the 1930s. The digitized images showcase the preserved items in this interdisciplinary collection ranging from manuscripts, correspondences with famous friends and acquaintance, Chinese medicine prescriptions, design drafts of the brand and products from Dr Luo’s medicine business Sheng Sheng Tang in Hong Kong, as well as some rare books, valuable paintings and calligraphy he collected or received from thankful patients. This project was supported by the HKU Knowledge Exchange Funding 2021/22 for Impact Project and developed by a cross departmental team comprising members from the School of Chinese Medicine, School of Chinese, Department of Art History and the University Libraries.


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