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生生堂商業系列彙集了部分羅禎符於1930年代在香港雲咸街63號開辦生生堂國藥肆的商業用品或產品相關資料,其中包括廣告、廣告設計圖、藥品說明書、顧客推薦文章、相關政府文件等一百種。香港大學圖書館將本系列數位化,以方便讀者閱覽,並讓公眾有機會進一步了解20世紀上半葉香港中醫藥發展的面貌。The Sang Sang Tong Commerce Series consists of materials related to commercial supplies or products from the period when Luo Zhenfu operated Sang Sang Tong Chinese Medicine Pharmacy at 63 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong in the 1930s. There are about 100 items in this collection including advertisements, design drawings of advertisements, medication package inserts, letters of recommendation written by clients, and relevant government documents. The University of Hong Kong Libraries has been digitising this series and making the collection available online, which enables the publics to learn about the Chinese medical development history in Hong Kong during the early 20th century.

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Advertisement of "Bao Fei Shen Jiao"  保肺神膠廣告

1. Advertisement of "Bao Fei Shen Jiao" 保肺神膠廣告



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